Having a Green Machines ATM installed at your location, or brought to your event or festival is a fairly easy process.  However, there are infrastructure requirements to have an ATM.  To begin the process, simply request from our regional office an evaluation to see if your location will be well served by our machines.

Depending on the length of the engagement (permanent versus event duration), our infrastructure requirements are:  access to power, access to either the internet or a phone line (can be a shared line), and the ability to secure the ATM to the floor.

Green Machines ATM handles all cash filling and transactions.  The entire transaction is processed through our service providers, and all cash in transit, and cash to fill services are handled by Green Machines.  There are no service charges to any of our clients for this service.

If you would like an ATM placed permanently at your location, or if you need a temporary ATM for an event or festival, simply contact us by e-mail, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.   If you are located in Colorado, click here to contact us.   If you are located in North Carolina, click here to contact us.