The Green Machines ATM Story:


In 2005, Lauren & Jonah Butcher started Green Machines.  Since that time, Green Machines has grown into a multi-city enterprise, providing over 100 permanent ATMs nationwide.  Green Machines also supports many locally based festivals and events by providing short term ATM placement, including indoor and outdoor venues.

In the early 2000’s, while working as contractors for various folks, the Butchers realized they wanted to own a business.  At that time, Lauren was a Realtor and Jonah an Engineer.  Motivated by their sense of community and armed with the desire to start a business, the concept of Green Machines ATM was born. Their dream was for this business to provide them flexibility to have a family, while also supporting local businesses, shop owners, events, and non-profits. After considering many options, they decided to launch Green Machines ATM, the first fund raising ATM company in the nation. As of 2015, Green Machines has grown to over 100 permanent ATM locations with capabilities to support large local events, like  LEAF Festival, and North Carolina State Fair, and many more.  After seeing so much success in North Carolina, Lauren & Jonah decided their business model could be expanded to other communities interested in supporting local non-profits.

In 2008, Green Machines of Boulder was started by Maya Burlingame. As a childhood friends, Lauren and Maya often dreamed of making the world a better place. These dreams aligned perfectly with the Green Machines ATM business model. Maya and Lauren realized Green Machines was the vehicle to make these childhood dreams a reality.  By 2015, Green Machines of Boulder has over 20 permanent ATMs in place, and supports multiple festivals and events.  Green Machines of Boulder provides service for Boulder County Farmers’ Markets, Longmont Oktoberfest, Left Hand Brewery Leftapalooza, and ARISE Music Festival, to name a few.